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A Conversation Game

The world is changing and the future is more malleable than ever before.

We are sharing a global crisis caused by the COVID pandemic which has created the conditions for systemic change. However, there are many other crises playing out at the same time, making our response to this moment in history even more significant.

So what should change?
How should that change happen?
And what are we changing to?

We're inviting you to gather with family or friends (or both!) and reflect on your experiences, share what you're sensing and what you'd like to see happen in a future that's Better than Before.


This conversation is for everyone, anyone can host, anyone can participate and there are no right or wrong answers.


This is an experiment in participatory democracy. It aims to extend our democratic rights beyond electoral voting to allow more voices to be heard.


By sharing the insights from your conversations with policymakers and decision makers we can influence and inspire them to aim higher. We will collate all the collected data into a report that will be widely distributed in both local and state government.


Start by watching a video or dive straight in by downloading the PDF below.

Let your voice be heard by submitting your ideas below and we’ll capture these in a report for distribution to policymakers and decision makers.

The whole activity takes about an hour but if you have talkative people in your group you might want to grab a timer and responses to 1-2 minutes each.

Download Game (PDF)

Be Heard

This project was created to generate ideas to take to South Australian policy makers.

In South Australia? Press the green 'Add your own idea' button below to share your own idea and let your voice be heard. Then vote on ideas shared by others by choosing between the big blue boxes below.

Live beyond South Australia? Share your best idea on twitter with the hashtag #betterthanbefore.


Select one that best fits your group or find your own :).

Better Than Before

2 minutes

#authenic #heartfelt #australian

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

3 minutes

#humour #millenials #timetravel

The Great Pause

5 minutes

#powerful #global #highproduction

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Would you like to get involved, or capture ideas for a future that’s better than before for your home town? Let’s talk!

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South Australian Edition

This project is a joint initiative between the team at
Climate Space and the Conservation Council of SA.